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Get Points and Park for Free

Now, if you are a registered aparca&go user and you make your bookings online, every time you use our car parks, you get back 3% of the price. If you do not have an account yet, register now.

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Easy parking

Car parks with 24-hour monitoring and all the services you need next to airports and stations.


Go take that trip

We immediately transfer you so you don't waste a minute of your time, or you can drop the car off at the terminal itself.


Take care of your car

Get your car tuned up while you don’t need it: Servicing, Maintenance, Car wash and even passing its ITV.

Register now and benefit from the aparca&go programme points.

  • Any service earns you points!
  • Collect 3% points on all services
  • Redeem your points for free services and discounts.
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Frequently asked questions about our points programme

  • How can I sign up to the points programme?

    Simply register as a user on our website.
  • How do I getpoints?

    There are two requirements: 1º please make your bookings as a registered user on our website 2º bookings must be made at least 8 hours before coming to our car parks. Please note that you will not accumulate points if you use a promotional code.
  • How much is a point worth?

    One point = 1€ (one euro)
  • How can I use my points?

    You may exchange them for free days or you can have a discount on the total service price.
  • When can I start using my points?

    You can use them after your first stay.
  • Can I use as many points as I like?

    No. Points are exchanged as a whole. Should you have more points than the cost of parking, you may use there maining points for then ext visit.
  • Where can I use my points?

    At all of our car parks EXCEPT at Aparca&go Barcelona Port Parking.
  • Where can I earn points?

    At any of our car parks EXCEPT at Aparca&go Barcelona Port Parking.
  • Will my points expire?

    Points will expire if they are not used after six months.
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