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Returning to another terminal

Come back and find your car ready.

We wash your vehicle while you travel.

Returning to another terminal


Choose a car wash

Choose from our basic washes, or if you prefer, a deep clean that will leave your car as good as new.


We take care of it

Leave the keys with us and don't worry about anything else: We wash your car the same day you arrive.


Disinfection included

We carry out basic disinfection in contact areas, but if you wish, you can add deep disinfection.

Car wash service for travellers who want to make the most of their time.

Service de Lavage pour les voyageurs désirant optimiser leur temps.

Basic exterior car wash

Did you know that washing your car will maintain it for longer? We want you to be able to continue travelling and parking with us, so while your vehicle is parked we clean the outside for you. Our basic exterior car wash service includes cleaning the bodywork, hand washing the windows and plastics and we also pressure wash the tyre rims.

Basic interior car wash

With our basic interior cleaning service we vacuum the whole interior: floors, surfaces, boot and, finally, we go over the doors and frames. So that when you return you can drive away with the certainty that parking has been one of the experiences of your trip you want to repeat.

Full car wash

Aparca&go’s full car wash service includes exterior cleaning of bodywork, glass, plastics and rims. The interior clean includes complete vacuuming of the inside of the vehicle: seats, floors, surfaces, boot, doors and frames.

Superior Plus car wash

If you want your car to look as shiny as new after parking it with aparca&go, the Superior Plus car wash is what you need. With our Superior Plus car wash service we thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your vehicle. We vacuum the complete interior twice, including seats and floor. In addition, the dashboard is cleaned by hand, with all of its compartments and air vents. We also thoroughly clean the door frames and boot. And not only that, all interior and exterior plastics are polished so that your car is sparkling clean when you return to collect it.

Deep upholstery cleaning

In addition to the Superior Plus interior and exterior car wash, we also offer a full upholstery clean, leaving your vehicle's interior completely spotless. Using steam, we remove any remains of dirt and stains that may be on the seats and side trims to make it look like the car has just left the factory.

Add spray disinfection for just 9.99€

All our interior cleans include basic disinfection. If you are looking for complete micro-spray disinfection, you can add it to all our washes for just €9.99

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Our centres

Peace of mind and safety against COVID19

Travellers’ and employees’ health is our main priority, which is why we take all health and safety measures into account.


Cleaning and disinfection

We regularly clean and disinfect all communal areas, bathrooms and minibuses.


Compulsory mask

Wearing a face mask is compulsory for employees and users.


Meticulous and safe

We prepare your car with protective covers on the steering wheel and seats.


Disinfection points

You will find hand sanitising gel at the entrance, in the bathrooms, communal areas and on the minibuses.

All the information on anti-COVID19 measures